April News from Rockin’ Rooney

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving my comfy home, my siblings, mom and dad and em“bark” on a new adventure. Yes, I have decided to become the first skydiving Frenchie in the world. Yes, I will be jumping out of airplanes with my little parachute, goggles and helmet and doing  aerial tricks. And if that doesn’t work out, I’m thinking about welding. I mean, April is, after all, National Welding Month.

I know you think I’m crazy, but then you would be a fool, an April Fool! Happy April Fool’s Day! Had you going there didn’t I?

I have no idea why April 1 became a day when you play pranks and try to fool your family and friends, seems pretty silly to me. But then I can never figure out why you humans do what you do!

But that got me thinking, why do you guys do that on April 1? I found out that I’d be a fool to try and figure out how it all started. But I did find out that a lot of folks think that it all started back in the 1500s, which I can’t even wrap my dog brain around.

Apparently back then the Gregorian calendar that we use today started and when the new year started in January, not in April as it previously had. So, anyone who continued to celebrate April 1 as the start of the new year were, well, fools and people would play pranks on them. Kinda harsh if you ask me.

April is a funny month and I don’t mean funny “ha-ha,” but funny weird, even if it is National Humor Month! It starts with April Fool’s Day on the 1st and ends with National Honesty Day on the 30th! And April 4th is Tell a Lie Day. Shouldn’t that be on April 1st?

Most months are chock full of celebrations of yummy food, but not so much April. Sure, there are a few yummy ones, like Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day on April 12th, National Cheeseball Day on the 17th and Cheddar Fries Day on the 20th. Notice a theme going here? Yes, I confess, I like cheese, so sue me!

The rest of the food days include celebrations of peanut butter and jelly, pecans, caramel popcorn, eggs Benedict, jelly beans, garlic, zucchini bread, pretzel, pigs in a blanket, and prime rib. See what I mean? Booooring! Nothing against those foods, but give me cheddar fries any day!

April, of course, is the month we celebrate Easter on Sunday the 16th, considered Christianity’s most important holy day, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I don’t know a lot about that because I’m not very religious (I’m a dog!), but I do like the Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets and all the colorful clothes and Easter hats! I’m sure Mom has something up her sleeve to dress us up for Easter. I’m OK with that as long as my hat is cool!

I also noticed that April has several days that are near and dear to me (and my siblings too), such as National Siblings Day on the 10th, National Pet Day on the 11th, Pet Owners Independence Day on the 17th, National Lost Dogs Awareness Day on the 23rd, and National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and National Pet Parents Day, both on the 30th. Warms the cockles of my heart!

I was quite taken with National Lost Dogs Awareness Day, which not only brings awareness to dogs that go missing, but to celebrate the happy reunions! Through a network of agencies like shelters, vets, social media, and newspapers, radio and TV, so many lost dogs are reunited with their lost ones. And that’s a reason worth celebrating!

Happy April!

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