April News from Rockin’ Rooney

Happy Easter! And, Happy April Fool’s Day! Don’t think I’ve ever said that before. Can anyone remember the last time that’s happened? I’m sure there will be some tricks played on Easter, but my guess is that they will be a lot fewer than a regular April Fool’s Day.

April 1st is also International Fun at Work Day, but you have to wait a couple more days to observe Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day on the 3rd, which is also World Party Day. Boy, April sure sounds like a fun month. Well, it is National Humor Month, after all.

But for being National Humor Month, there aren’t a lot of days dedicated to fun, except the ones I’ve already mentioned and International Moment of Laughter Day (moment?) on the 14th. Though there is National Hug a Plumber Day on the 25th, which I find to be pretty funny. And there’s always the 20th, National Lima Bean Respect Day, which makes me laugh out loud!

I also get a chuckle not so much for National Beer Day (this one’s for you, Dad!) on the 7th, but that there’s a New Beer’s Eve on the 6th!

And then there are days that have odd and funny pairings. You know that April 15 is Tax Day, but did you also know that it’s National Rubber Eraser Day, National Take a Wild Guess Day and Titanic Remembrance Day?

And the 27th is Tell a Story Day, but it’s also National Day of Silence. Huh? It’s also Arbor Day and Hairball Awareness Day. Double huh?

Happily, there are a lot of days dedicated to pets and their owners in April, something we like around here. For example, the 10th is National Siblings Day, which we’ll be sure to celebrate. But there’s also National Pet Day on the 11th, National Lost Dogs Awareness Day on the 23rd, National Kids and Pets Day on the 26th, National Pet Parents Day on the 29th and Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on the 30th.

I also like to celebrate National Winston Churchill Day on April 9th. Churchill was a pet lover, having cats (yuck), dogs, birds, tropical fish, a racing pony and a bulldog named Dodo, among others. I’ve also heard he was given a number of animals, not all he could keep, including black swans, a platypus, a lion named “Rota,” a waterfowl, black geese, sheep, pigs and a poodle. Wow, and I thought our house was full!

So I’m going to leave you with this little poem someone read to me, or at least the first few lines:

“April showers bring May flowers, / That is what they say. / But if all the showers turned to flowers, / We’d have quite a colorful day!”

Have a colorful month!

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