April News from Rockin’ Rooney

I heard some good news the other day! I was told that not only can dogs run freely on Carmel Beach, but all over Carmel, and that everyone who goes to Carmel or the beach must carry doggie treats with them and must give them to any dog who begs for a treat!

April Fool!

if only that were true! Although come to think of it, I can get a treat pretty much anytime in Carmel. I just turn on the charm and a doggie treat suddenly shows up. Of course, if my sister and brothers are with us, we try to out-charm each other, which makes it tough. So I would suggest carrying a pocketful of treats when in Carmel!

Wouldn’t it be weird if we celebrated April Fool’s the whole month? Thank goodness it’s called April Fool’s DAY! I don’t think I would last more than a few days given my siblings’ love for messing with me.

I’ve always wondered how the day got started, but I hear the origins are a little murky. In fact, I was told that Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” in 1392 contains the first recorded association between April 1 and foolishness. 1392! I can’t even count how long ago that was!

But April is National Humor Month so we can be funny all month, just not by tricking somebody. It’s also National Poetry Month, Keep America Beautiful Month and  Lawn and Garden Month, so there are plenty of things to keep us busy.

The strange thing about April is that it has a lot of days devoted to cheese, such as: April 4, Chicken Cordon Bleu Day; April 5, Deep Dish Pizza Day; April 11, Cheese Fondue Day; the 12th is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day; the 17th, National Cheeseball Day; April 20 is National Cheddar Fries Day; and April 23 is National Cherry Cheesecake Day.

Not only that, but some of those cheesy days are also related to us, your pets, such as the 11th is National Pet Day (are you supposed to eat cheese fondue with your pet that day?); the 17th is Pet Owners Independence Day (I’m not sure what that means!); and the 23rd, National Lost Dogs Awareness Day.

I think April is one of those months where they kind of put all the strange and weird days they couldn’t find room for in other months. April also has Tell a Lie Day (4), Go for Broke Day (5), and Plan Your Epitaph Day and Sorry Charlie Day, both on April 6. Huh?

And then there’s Name Yourself Day on the 9th, Look up at the Sky Day, which is the same day as Reach as High as You Can Day on the 14th, Blah, Blah, Blah Day on the 17th, the 26th is Hug an Australian Day (gotta find one first!) and, this one really gets me, April 20, Lima Bean Respect Day. Really?

But the one that really makes me laugh is April 29, Hairball Awareness Day. That has got to be an April Fool’s joke, even if it’s almost the end of the month. I don’t even want to be aware of hairballs, isn’t that a cat thing? Talk about April fools!

Happy April!

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