August News from Rockin’ Rooney

August News from Rockin Rooney

It’s August! Are we really almost at the end of summer? I know we’re fast approaching the end of the dog days of summer (July 3 – Aug. 11), but we still have another month until the end of summer, right? That would be Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2.

So I’m celebrating summer for another month and plan on having a great time with Mom and Dad and my siblings. August is, after all, both Admit You’re Happy Month and Family Fun Month. Cheer up!

August also has THE best day of the year for us — dogs that is. That’s because Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. The fact that it’s also Women’s Equality Day, is just icing on the cake!

National Dog Day has two goals: to honor dogs, and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It’s an opportunity for all of us to recognize and appreciate the value and importance we have in the lives of our two-legged companions.

The second goal of National Dog Day is to rescue our fellow dogs in need. On occasion, we need to be saved from homelessness and abuse, sad to say. The goal of the National Dog Day Foundation is to rescue 10,000 of us in a year. In fact, their motto is “Saving 10,000 Dogs — One Day at a Time.”

So let’s get out there and help a lending paw. Tell your human friends and family to help us out by adopting a rescue dog like me and my siblings! Yeah, we can be a handful, but you’ll get hours and hours of love and companionship!

I was so excited about National Dog Day I kind of overlooked all of the other special days. I mean I suppose there are some good ones — like Friendship Day and National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on the 4th, National Honey Bee Awareness Day on the 17th and Senior Citizens Day on the 21st — but most of them are pretty ho-hum, especially for me. I mean Left Hander’s Day on the 13th. Really? I don’t see a lot.

Left Hander’s Day Sale signs out there! The weirdest has got to be Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day on Aug. 8. Humans!

And Lazy Day on Aug. 10? One day? That’s every day for me and my siblings! So sue us, we like a lazy summer day! Add a few belly scratches, maybe a treat or two — heaven!

But one that really got me scratching my head is Work Like a Dog Day on Aug. 5. What does that even mean? I know there are working dogs, like farm dogs and fire and police dogs and dogs for the disabled, but that’s a very small group compared to the rest of us. The only thing we actually work on is a nap or a nice walk or an outing with Mom to a nice restaurant. So maybe you can “work like a dog” that day by raising a nice glass of Chard and nibble on some lovely prosciutto.

However you choose to celebrate, have a great last month of summer!

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