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17 Aug 2020

8 of the Most Important Instagram Trends to Watch Right Now

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives, the Internet and especially social media has not only increased in importance, but changes have come quickly and often drastically, with new features, innovations and trends. Writing in Hootsuite.com, writer Katie Sehl says that social media trends can “make the difference between looking out of touch or ahead of the curve.” “That doesn’t mean you should throw your social media content calendar out the window,” she writes. “It means you […]

17 Jul 2020

During This Challenging Time, Try to Practice Empathetic Marketing

Marketing teams face unique challenges during a crisis, but because the changing nature of the coronavirus and communities, businesses and government response to its changing nature varies widely — and sometimes controversially.  When it comes to brands and branding, context matters, and depending on what actions are taken, can help or hurt the brand. According to marketing expert Asher Rumack, writing in business2community.com, brands’ should approach the challenge with what he calls “Empathetic Marketing.” “Beyond the basic actions taken to […]

17 Jun 2020

Social Media Success Requires Two Things: A Great Product and a Great Customer Experience

With people slowly getting back to work and businesses carefully opening their doors again, consumers are aware that while they were sheltering in place, social media and online shopping have become more important than ever to communicate with each other and to find (and also discovering) the products they need. But, as marketing entrepreneur Molly Marshall of Molly Marshall Marketing, says, “Social media isn’t a band aid, it’s a magnifying glass.” In other words, social media can’t fix your business, […]

12 May 2020

Fundamentals of Effective Social Media Marketing Remain Despite Pandemic

Advertising and marketing your business has changed abruptly and dramatically in the past two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this “new normal,” traditional methods and long-held norms have changed so drastically, that some businesses are scrambling to try and keep their heads above water. A few months ago, simply posting your ad on social media seemed like a sure-fire way to gain customers, but that was a misconception then and even more so now. Granted, you can still […]

24 Apr 2020

Brands Need to Be Mindful and Sincere During These Fearful and Confusing Times

Many brands and businesses are asking themselves an important question during this shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic: “How do I connect and deliver messaging to my customers without appearing that I’m selling them a product?” Stores and businesses are closed or operating at half-capacity worldwide due to the virus, but companies are able to keep in contact through social media and online. But they have to navigate these waters carefully so as not to offend customers or send the […]

13 Apr 2020

Brands & Crisis Marketing

The advertising world has had to dramatically shift the way it does business in this age of the coronavirus pandemic — not only in the way it produces its messages, but what they tell their consumers, who have been thrown into a fearful, bewildering and unpredictable new world. But do consumers want to hear from brands during a crisis? According to Dr. Jill Avery, an authority on brand management and customer relationship management, the answer is “Yes,” but with some […]

28 Feb 2020

The most important social media trends to know for 2020

Social media trends not only change from year to year, but often from month to month these days. Some trends even burn brightly, then burn out. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter remain popular, but other keep challenging them, especially with the younger generation that grew up on social media. The theme of this new decade for many brands seems to be: What does success look like for social media marketing? How do you find a balance between making sense of social […]

19 Jan 2020

Five Key Habits That Build Toward Success in Business

What makes a business successful? There have been numerous books and articles written about this subject. There are key attributes to success that many of these publications bring up, as franchising expert Jeff Bevis writes, such as: “perseverance, believing in your business, and the willingness to work hard and give thought and action to new approaches.” In an article, “5 Habits for Business Success” on the website forbes.com, Bevis identifies the top five habits that build toward successful careers in […]

22 Sep 2019
6 PR Trends Every Business Needs to Incorporate in 2019

6 PR Trends Every Business Needs to Incorporate in 2019

For the public relations industry, writing press releases is no longer enough. With the emergence of so-called “people orientation technology” or what some call Web 2.0, which “allows users to interact and collaborate with each other through social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community,” these innovations and new technologies require the PR industry to be even more adaptable and cognizant of emerging trends. James Cummings, an experienced digital media expert, writer and business psychologist, writes, […]

02 Aug 2019
4 Major Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond

4 Major Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Alp Mimaroglu has been a marketing technology expert since 2009. And in the past 10 years, new and disruptive technological innovations are forcing marketers like him to evolve his best practices. Digital marketing, once the only game in town, has given way to multichannel marketing; and today, we are rapidly approaching the omnichannel marketing age. “When I first got my feet wet in the marketing world, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be helping run digital marketing transformation programs,” writes […]