December News from Rockin’ Rooney

Wow, we made it! Well, almost, there are 31 more days in 2016. But we made it to December, that’s a good thing, right?

December is all about the holidays. And it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I love all the singing and colorful decorations and the smell of pine in the air and yummy things cooking in the kitchen.

I also like it because it’s a time of joy and laughter and giving. At least it should be! If it’s not, you’re not celebrating it right, haha!

But did you know that we’re not just celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve this month, but also Hanukkah (which begins Dec. 24and ends Jan. 1), Kwanzaa (which begins Dec. 26 and ends Jan. 1), Bodhi Day, which was the day Buddha experienced enlightenment, celebrated by Buddhists on Dec. 8 and Yule, Dec. 21, the pagan celebration of the winter solstice that later became the Christmas season.

I like celebrations (who doesn’t like a party?), so I asked Mom to help me find some holiday celebrations in December so I can celebrate all through Christmas and to New Year’s Eve!

But wow, I didn’t realize there were so many special celebrations related to the holidays in December! Some of them are pretty easy to figure out, like Santa’s List Day (Dec. 4), Christmas Card Day (Dec. 9), Gingerbread House Day (Dec. 12) and Go Caroling Day (Dec. 20).

Of course, anything to do with food, I’m there. As are my three siblings. Just make sure there’s enough to go around for the four of us.

There’s Roast Chestnuts Day (14th), National Egg Nog Day (24), and National Fruitcake Day (27th) for the holiday-related ones, but also a few of my favorite foods. Let’s see, National Pie Day on the 1st, National Cookie Day on the 4th, National Brownie Day on the 8th, National Ice Cream Day on the 13th, National Oatmeal Muffin Day on the 19th, 28 National Chocolate Candy Day on the 28th and Bacon Day on the 30th. Now I’m getting hungry. And did you know that Christmas Day is also National Pumpkin Pie Day. Makes sense to me.

What doesn’t make sense to me, are the days that make you go “Huh?” You know, the days you not only don’t know how to celebrate, but makes you wonder why they were made into special days in the first place.

I mean Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day on the 1st? What is that? You humans are pretty funny and kinda weird sometimes. Please explain to me National Rhubarb Vodka Day and Skywarn Recognition Day, both on Dec. 3. Can you combine them and celebrate Skywarn with Rhubarb vodka? Yuk!

And what are you supposed to do on Mitten Tree Day (6th), Take it in the Ear Day (8th), Weary Willie Day (9th), National Ding-a-Ling Day (12th), Cat Herders Day (15th — double yuk!) Barbie and Barney Backlash Day (16th), National Pfeffernusse Day (23rd) and Tick Tock Day (29th)? I don’t have a clue and neither did Mom when I asked her. My siblings looked at me like I was crazy. They just went back to their chew toys.

The one that really got me rolling on the floor belly laughing (you should have seen the looks on my brothers and sister) was this one: A’Phabet Day or No “L” Day. That makes no sense at all, even to you humans, who are supposed to be smarter than us dogs.

The weirdest part is that it’s on Christmas Day. I can see it now on Christmas morning: “Hey everybody, let’s forget Christmas and opening our gifts and celebrate A’Phabet Day! It’ll be fun!” Not. I hereby pronounce it “Dumbest Day of the Year!”

So, let’s hear it for 2016, I’m kinda glad it’s over and we can move on and look forward to a great 2017. Happy holidays and happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2017!

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