Happy April Fools Day from Rockin’ Rooney

If I’m appearing a little antsy these days, walking around on little cat’s feet, there’s a reason. April Fool’s Day is coming up and I’m a little nervous. Why? Well, when you have two brothers and a sister, you never know where and when the pranks are going to come from! And you know Mom’s always got something up her sleeve. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all in cahoots, so I’ll have to be on my paws on Wednesday.

By the way, did you know that in Ireland it was traditional to entrust the victim with an “important letter” to be delivered to someone. That person would then send the victim to deliver the letter to another person, and so on and on. When the letter was finally opened, all it said was, “Send the fool further.” Ouch, now that wasn’t nice!

In Scandinavian countries, many news outlets would publish fake front- page stories on April 1, and in Italy, France, Belgium, and French- speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, the April 1st tradition is often known as “April fish” (“poissons d’avril” in French or “pesce d’aprile” in Italian). Pranks included attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim’s back without being noticed. Like that would ever happen to me.

And in one famous prank in 1957, the BBC reported on a story about a Spaghetti Tree in Switzerland, with Swiss farmers picking freshly grown spaghetti. It was called the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest and the BBC was flooded with calls to purchase a spaghetti tree.

In case you’re wondering, I love spaghetti, probably much more than a French bulldog should. I wonder if I can talk Mom and Dad into planting a spaghetti tree in the backyard? I would even take a fettuccine or linguine tree.

Well, Happy April Fool’s Day. If you see me running around with a paper fish on my back, you know who’s responsible – I’m talking to you, Lulu, Hugo and Geno! And I won’t be delivering any letters that day, even if Mom says, it’s “really, really, really important.” Now, where can I find a spaghetti tree for Mom and Dad to plant?

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