January News from Rockin’ Rooney

Happy New Year! Is everyone glad to be finished with 2019 and start fresh in a new decade? I know I am! I’m already working on my New Year’s resolutions, but they’re probably much different than yours.

You see, you humans are mostly concerned with a few things: weight/fitness, money and dropping bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking, reducing stress). And while 60 percent of you make resolutions, only 8 percent are successful in achieving them. In fact, more than half fail by Jan. 31 and there’s even a date for those who want to get out of them: Jan. 17, Ditch New Years Resolutions Day.

The top five vary from year to year, but shakes out like this: losing weight/getting in shape; improving finances; eating and living healthier; quitting or cutting back on smoking/drinking; learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby. And did you know that women make health-focused resolutions while men pledge to find a new job and quit or cut back on alcohol?

My resolutions? Pretty simple. I don’t need to lose weight or get in shape (hey, I’m in perfect shape!), I eat pretty healthily (Mom and Dad see to that), I don’t need any new hobbies or skills (old dog, new tricks, remember?) I have no money to speak of and I don’t smoke or drink. So I’ll keep it to: take more naps, get along better with my siblings, take more walks and spend more quality time with the family!

There are really only two holidays in January, New Year’s Day, of course, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 20. But I think January sets the tone for the rest of the months, with its combination of serious (National Pharmacist Day, Jan. 12) and odd/weird days (National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day, Jan. 11).

Some of the stranger days include National Fruitcake Toss Day, Jan. 3; National Thank God It’s Monday Day, Jan. 6; National Winter Skin Relief Day, Jan. 8; National Dress Up Your Pet Day, Jan. 14; National Booch Day, Jan. 15, for kombucha fans; National Without a Scalpel Day, Jan. 16; Squirrel Appreciation Day, Jan. 21; Beer Can Appreciation Day, Jan. 24; and National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Jan. 27.

Of course, food is big in January, but watch those weight-loss resolutions! In fact, there are more national days devoted to food, 38, than there are days in the month. There’s days that celebrate cream puffs (Jan. 2), spaghetti (Jan. 4), shortbread (Jan. 6), tempura (Jan. 7), Oysters Rockefeller (Jan 10), curried chicken (Jan. 12), hot pastrami sandwich (Jan. 14), bagels (Jan. 15), Peking Duck (Jan. 18), popcorn (Jan. 19), cheese (Jan. 20), pie (Jan. 23), peanut butter (Jan. 24), chocolate cake (Jan. 27), blueberry pancakes (Jan. 28), corn chips (Jan. 29), and to pull it all together, National Buffet Day on Jan. 2!

And don’t tell Mom, but Jan. 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Didn’t we just do this on Halloween? Awww, I don’t mind, it’s all in fun!

Happy 2020! Hope you stick with your resolutions!

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