June News from Rockin’ Rooney

June News from Rockin Rooney

Welcome to the start of summer! Or, as we call it, June Gloom! Memorial Day was the unofficial start of summer, but summer actually doesn’t officially start until June 21, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and when the sun reaches its highest point. Not that it helps us, it’s forecast to be 62 degrees and cloudy that day!

Our real summer doesn’t start until late August and early September anyway. June is one of those placeholder months, kind of in-between everything. Sure, it’s graduation month (although I saw a lot of late-May graduations!) and the start of summer (later in the month), but there are really no big holidays, unless you count Father’s Day, June 16, which is a big day, for sure, but not as big as Mother’s Day or Memorial Day.

Besides, June is National Adopt a Cat Month. Now, I’m all for animal adoptions, after all, I’m an adopted shelter dog, but cats?? I suppose there are folks out there who like cats, so by all means adopt a shelter cat, just keep those silly creatures away from me. By the way cat lovers, June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day, so go for it! Yuck!

It’s like they didn’t even try when June rolled around. It’s like a “meh” month where they put all the “oh well” days! I mean there’s Flip a Coin Day (1st), National Yo-Yo Day (6th), VCR Day (7th), Ball Point Pen Day (10th), Monkey Around Day (14th), National Hollerin’ Contest Day (15th), Go Fishing Day (18th), World Sauntering Day (19th), National Selfie Day (21st), National Pink Day (23rd), International Body Piercing Day and Insurance Awareness Day (28th, who came up with that day?), and Hug Holiday and International Mud Day (29th). It’s like they didn’t even try!

There are a couple of important days when it comes to Mother Earth, however. There’s World Environment Day (5th), World Ocean Day (8th), and Global Wind Day (15th), which celebrates the power of wind and wind energy. We need more days where we raise awareness of the environment and climate. Every day should be Earth Day, right?

And finally, since I am a columnist of sorts, I guess the word these days is blogger, I’ll be celebrating National Columnists Day on June 23. Join me in celebrating won’t you!

Don’t let the June Gloom bring you down!

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