March News from Rockin’ Rooney

Welcome to March Madness! Well, I’m not quite sure why they call it March Madness because it seems to me that there’s a little madness in every month. In fact, March seems to have fewer crazy days than other months.

And it’s not like March doesn’t have some big days, like St. Patrick’s Day (March 17),  Daylight Savings Time, March 12, and the first day of spring, March 20, which is also International Earth Day.

And the month is dedicated to some really important things, like March is National Women’s History Month, as well as Music in Our Schools Month, National Nutrition Month, Social Workers Month, Red Cross Month and, of course, National Irish American Heritage Month.

But there are some head-scratchers, like March 8 is Be Nasty Day (why on earth?); March 15 is  Everything You Think is Wrong Day (again, why?); Extraterrestrial Abductions Day on March 20 and March 29, Smoke and Mirrors Day (what are you supposed to do that day?). See what I mean?

But the one that makes me laugh out loud is What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day on March 3. I don’t know what I’d do with thumbs. Just thinking about it makes my head spin. And how do you celebrate that day, sitting around thinking about what you could do with thumbs? The scary part is thinking about what it would be like if cats had thumbs! Probably do something dumb, like hitchhike. Dumb cats.

There are also some days I can really get into, like National Goof Off Day on March 22, National Puppy Day on the 23rd, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and one of my favorites, Take a Walk in the Park Day, March 30.

It’s funny, but there seems to be a bunch of sayings related to March, like “March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb,” which is what’s happening these days with the wild, wet storms lately and hopefully goes out calm as a lamb at the end of the month; “beware the Ides of March,” which is associated with Julius Caesar (the 15th or middle of the month, which he was warned he would die); and “as mad as a March hare,” which relates to rabbits mating and going a little batty in March, and where we also get the term “hare brained,” like those silly cats.

Oh, by the way, that whole March Madness thing is all about a college basketball tournament, I was just told. I guess they have these 64 teams and their fans go crazy at the games and the games are usually crazy too. Seems like a lot of madness in March with all these games, storms and crazy rabbits.

Well, let’s hope that March goes out like a lamb because we need a break from this mad weather!

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