May News from Rockin’ Rooney

May the 4th be with you!

That was for my friends who love “Star Wars,” because May 4 is Star Wars Day all across the galaxy. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do on Star Wars Day except watch the movies all day long (how many are there anyway?), but it sure is fun to say, “May the 4th be with you!” and see people’s reactions.

By the way, did you know that the new “Star Wars” movie, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” opens on May 25? If you’re not following, that’s the story of Han Solo, the “most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy.” And I thought they were referring to me!

I love May because it’s really the start of summer, even though the first day of summer isn’t until June 21. But we all know summer starts on Memorial Day weekend, which starts on Friday, May 25 this year and ends on May 28, Memorial Day. We love four-day weekends around here!

But that’s a long time to wait to celebrate summer, more than three weeks. Couldn’t we just start on May Day, the 1st? Or how about Cinco de Mayo, May 5, that seems like a great day to kick off summer? Tacos, cold beer and tequila? Sounds summery to me!

May 5th is also National Home Brew Day, which should make Dad happy since he makes his own brews at home. I hear they’re pretty good, but I wouldn’t know anything about that, I’m just a dog.

So, how about Mother’s Day on May 13? Seems like a great day to start summer, a little sunshine and warmth for Mom! Hey Mom, happy Mother’s Day and happy first day of summer! Sounds good to me.

May is both National Barbecue Month and National Hamburger Month, after all, and you can’t barbecue without going outside and what’s better than a hamburger right off a hot grill in the summertime? Memorial Day is also National Hamburger Day, but why wait until then to enjoy a juicy burger off the grill? Am I right?

Some of the more important days include May 3, World Press Freedom Day as well as Lumpy Rug Day (why, oh why?); May 4, Firefighters Day; V-E Day, World Red Cross Day and Teachers Day on the 8thMay 19, Armed Forces Day; and May 6 is National Nurses Day, May 9 is School Nurses Day and May 12 is International Nurses Day, so why isn’t May Nurses Month?

And lest I forget, May 25 — which kicks off Memorial Day Weekend, need I remind you? — is National Wine Day, which really should be a national holiday. Wouldn’t that be weird to have two national holidays in one weekend? Let’s all work on that.

One oddity in May I discovered is May 8 is No Socks Day and May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day. What’s going on with the socks? I’m just asking because I don’t wear socks, so every day is No Socks Day for me.

And, if you need another reason to celebrate this month, May 14 is Dance Like a Chicken Day. Not sure why one would want to, but there’s a day for it, so knock yourself out!

May the 4th be with you!

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