May News from Rockin’ Rooney

Happy May! I’m so happy that May has come. That means warmer weather, so me and my siblings can get outside more often, and rains have brought colorful wildflowers we can frolic in.

And May is the last month of spring, although it’s looking a lot more like summer these days. Summer doesn’t come until June 21, although for most of us summer really starts on Memorial Day weekend, which is from May 27 to May 30. So I’m going to celebrate summer this month!

And May not only means summer, but it’s also me and my siblings Lulu, Geno and Hugo’s favorite days of the year: Mother’s Day, May 9. We love to celebrate with Mom and can’t wait to see what Dad has in store for her (and us, of course) on that Sunday!

I’m thinking some great food, great wines and great friends in a great atmosphere. That’s a lot of greats isn’t it? Well, we have a great Mom, so it totally fits!

There’s a lot of reasons to celebrate in May, including Cinco de Mayo (May 5, of course), it’s National Barbecue Month, National Bike Month, National Hamburger Month and National Photograph Month, plus National Teachers Day (May 3), National Nurses Day (May 6), Dance Like a Chicken Day (May 14), National Waiters and Waitresses Day and Armed Forces Day (May 21), International Jazz Day (May 28), and two of my favorites, for obvious reasons, Brothers and Sisters Day on May 2 and Be Kind to Animals Week, which starts May 3.

But May has some holidays that confuse me and has me scratching my head, such as My Bucket’s Got a Hole in it Day, May 30. I have no idea what to do that day!

And there’s No Diet Day on May 6 and Eat What You Want Day on May 11. Why on different days? Couldn’t they just make that one day?

Also, May 8 is No Socks Day, while the 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day, followed by Clean up Your Room Day on the 10th, then Pack Rat Day on the 17th. Huh? Good thing I don’t wear socks!

But there’s more. May 6 is National Tourist Appreciation Day, but May 7 is National Tourism Day. Hmmmm.

One more day that gets me, is May 13. It’s Friday the 13th, the first and only one of the year, but it’s also Blame Someone Else Day, Frog Jumping Day, Leprechaun Day, Crouton Day and Hummus Day. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry!

But you know me, I try to laugh anytime I can and you can’t help but laugh if you tried to celebrate all those things on one day!

Happy May!

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