October News from Rockin’ Rooney

October News from Rockin Rooney

Welcome to October! Well, you know what that means. A chill in the air, pumpkins and pumpkin spice everything, shorter days, and coming up with your Halloween costume! I know Mom is working feverishly on costumes for all of us in the Bulldog Parking Lot. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. Hope it’s a superhero — don’t laugh!

So, what are the hot costumes for this year, at least for you two-legged types? We’re a little more limited in our choices — you know because of four legs and all —but you humans have an unlimited imagination when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Let’s see, there’s anything Marvel — Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain Marvel — some from the DC Universe such as Wonder Woman and Aqua-Man, characters from movies, such as “Aladdin,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (who wants to be Cliff Booth, aka Brad Pitt?), the creepy family from “Us,” Elton John from “Rocketman,” “The Lion King,” cartoon characters from “Detective Pikachu,” “Toy Story 4,” and, of course, “Frozen,” characters from “Stranger Things,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” and “Game of Thrones,” and even characters from the Monterey-set “Big Little Lies.” There’s even costumes from music videos, such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s famous French fries and cheeseburger costumes, cowboy outfits for “Old Town Road” and the Jonas Brothers from their video for the song “Sucker.” The ideas are endless!

Of course there are the classics, such as witch, vampire, wolfman, Frankenstein, zombie, skeleton, clown, pumpkin, cat, ghost, and, of course, dog. Speaking of dogs, I found a great website with a tons of awesome dog costumes (hint, hint), including Chucky the killer doll, Han Solo from “Star Wars,” and a “Pugkin Spice Latte” outfit from Starbucks! Here you go: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a28602552/best-halloween-costume-for-dogs

Fun facts about Halloween:

  • The most popular children’s costumes are princesses and superheroes. Adult women are most likely to dress as witches and the most popular costume for dogs in 2018 was a pumpkin.
  • Skittles are the top Halloween candy, which outranked M&M’s, Snickers, and Reese’s Cups. And candy corn is on the most-popular list as well as the worst Halloween candy list.
  • The Irish helped popularize Halloween in America. When the Irish fled their country in the 1840s due to the potato famine, they brought their Halloween traditions with them. They also brought us jack-o’-lanterns, which used to be carved out of turnips, potatoes, and beets. As the story goes, an Irish man named Stingy Jack tricked the devil and therefore was not allowed into heaven or hell — so he spent his days roaming the Earth, carrying a lantern, and went by “Jack of the Lantern.”
  • Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the country, after only Christmas. We (well, they, the two-legged kind) spent $9 billion on Halloween last year, according to the National Retail Federation.
  • Illinois produces up to five times more pumpkins than any other state, with more than 15,000 acres devoted to the orange gourd. Illinois farms typically grow more than 500 million pounds of pumpkins annually.
  • Oct. 31 isn’t just Halloween, it’s also Carve a Pumpkin Day (makes sense!), Increase Your Psychic Powers Day, National Doorbell Day, National Caramel Apple Day, National Knock-Knock Jokes Day, National Magic Day and Girl Scout Founder’s Day. Oddly enough, National Black Cat Day is Oct. 27, National Frankenstein Day is Oct. 29, and National Candy Corn Day is Oct. 30. Guess there were too many crowding Oct. 31 to include them!

October is also Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, which is near and dear to our hearts since me and my siblings are all shelter dogs. So if you’re thinking of getting a dog for your family this month, please consider the many excellent shelters in Monterey County. You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Halloween!

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