October News from Rockin’ Rooney

October is one of my favorite months because I like all the signs of fall, the fall colors, the leaves, the pumpkins, pumpkin pie (with ice cream, yum!) corn mazes, even the little chill in the air, but especially for Halloween because I get to show off my costume along with my siblings.

But I have a “pet” peeve about October and Halloween (see what I did there?). Why is it the last day of the month? Now I have to wait the whole month to show off my costume! And by the way, the second week of the month is Pet Peeve Week.

Of course, there are plenty of things to celebrate in October before Halloween rolls around. Did you know October is (big breath), Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, American Pharmacist Month, Apple Jack Month, Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Clergy Appreciation Month, Computer Learning Month, Cookie Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Eat Country Ham Month, International Drum Month, Lupus Awareness Month, National Diabetes Month, National Pizza Month, National Vegetarian Month, National Popcorn Popping Month, Sarcastic Month and Seafood Month. Whew!

In fact, the month starts out with International Frugal Fun Day and National Homemade Cookies Day. Making cookies is frugal fun, right? Eating homemade cookies sure is frugal fun. And I’ll leave the cookie-making to Mom and Dad since I’d probably just eat up all the cookie dough before it even makes it to the oven! Talk about frugal fun!

Oct. 1 is also National Fire Pup Day. Do you think I would make a good fire pup? I do, because I think I would like to ride in a fire truck. Now the fire pole is another matter, however!

While I’m on my walks with Mom and my siblings my mind often wanders on these thoughts: Why do they pick a particular day to celebrate or honor something? I mean why is Oct. 9, Moldy Cheese Day? Is there a National Moldy Cheese Association that promotes that day? Or why is Oct. 12, Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day? Who takes a teddy bear to work? Unless you work at a child care center or pre-school.

For example, there’s Oct. 15, which has nine things to celebrate, including White Cane Safety Day, National Cheese Curd Day, National I Love Lucy Day, National Cake Decorating Day and National Grouch Day. Oct. 12 is just behind with eight things to celebrate.

And here’s one for Mom: Oct. 30 is National Publicist Day. I’m not sure how you celebrate that day, but my guess would be a nice meat and cheese tray with white wine!

And Oct. 31 isn’t just Halloween, there are other things to celebrate, including Carve a Pumpkin Day (makes sense!), Increase Your Psychic Powers Day, National Caramel Apple Day, National Knock-Knock Jokes Day, National Magic Day, and Girl Scout Founder’s Day.

I can’t wait until the end of the month so I can show off my costume, that is unless Mom lets me strut my stuff before Halloween. Maybe on Oct. 17, which is Wear Something Gaudy Day!

Happy October!

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