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October 2018 Rockin Rooney

Happy October! Well, you now have a month to come up with your Halloween costume, so get busy! There’s a lot to choose from, from Star Wars characters (always a favorite), to video games like Fortnight, to Black Panther, characters from TV, such as Riverdale, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones and, of course, all the animated movies such as Frozen, Hotel Transylvania, The Incredibles and Minions.

Or you could go for the classics, hot dog, unicorn, bunnies, Toucan Sam, French mime (we are, after all, Frenchies!), bumblebee, shark, and my favorite, the UPS driver delivering a package!

Whatever costume you decide on, make sure you can see clearly through your costume or mask. I’d hate to see you get into an accident or trip and fall because you can’t see out of your mask!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which are both very important, but one close to our hearts is it’s also Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, one of Mom’s favorite causes — for obvious reasons, we’re all shelter dogs!

So, if you’re looking for a dog, please help out the many fine organizations in this area that help you adopt shelter dogs, including the SPCA, Animal Friends Rescue Project and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. We all have firsthand experience with these amazing organizations, so please support them.

October is a strange month and not just because of Halloween and all the crazy pumpkin spice products (pumpkin spice multi-surface cleaner and yogurt-covered pretzels??), but it has some odd selections of things to celebrate.

For example, Oct. 6 is National Noodle Day, while the 17th is National Pasta Day and the 25th is World Pasta Day. Couldn’t they have combined them all? I guess noodles and pasta are slightly different, but still. The 7th is Bald and Free Day, but the 14th is Be Bald and Free Day. Huh?

Then there’s Frankenstein Friday on the 26th, but the 29th is National Frankenstein Day. I just shake my head, or as the kids say SMH. And, just to bring it all back to pumpkins, Oct. 3 is National Pumpkin Seed Day, the 21st is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day and the 26th is National Pumpkin Day, and the 31st is Carve a Pumpkin Day. I guess on Halloween you could dress as a pumpkin or Jack-o-Lantern, so there’s that. Hey, what happened to Pumpkin Spice Day? Or is that just waaay too much pumpkin spice?

Some other strange days (I won’t call them spooky, that’s too obvious!) include National Kale Day on the Oct. 3, National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, Curious Events Day, and Moldy Cheese Day, all on Oct. 9, No Beard Day on the 18th, plus National Mole Day on the 23rd, and Punk for a Day Day, on Oct. 25.

Oct. 5 should put a smile on your face because it’s not only World Smile Day, but Do Something Nice Day and World Teacher’s Day. Awwww.

OK, are you still reading this? Time’s a wasting! Get going on that Halloween costume!

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