September News from Rockin’ Rooney

Wow, what an eventful month August was! The Soberanes fire really hit us hard. And it still won’t be out until the end of this month, we’ve been told. That’s more than two months! But it’s been so great to see everyone come out in support of the brave firefighters and to help those people who were devastated by the fire. Our community sure has each other’s backs!

August also had Car Week and the West End Celebration, two very different events, but both very popular, Car Week more so for visitors and West End a great community arts event. West End even had some fundraisers for those affected by the Soberanes fire.

And there are more benefits planned this month, so if you want to show your support, check the newspapers, TV, radio and social media. I have to have Mom check for me, but she’s pretty on top of things happening around here.

The first weekend of September also brings us Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5. Guess that means I won’t be wearing any white outfits afterMonday!

I’ve wondered why that is — and don’t forget no white before Memorial Day either.

I’ve been told that back in the day, after the Civil War, that folks from the city went to the beach or mountains, leaving their city clothes behind and wearing lighter, brighter outfits. I also heard that in those days the high society fashionistas made fashion rules, and not wearing white outside the summer months was one of them.

The one I like is the one about how back in those days, when coal heaters were used that men had to shovel coal for heat. They changed their clothes to something darker around Labor Day so as not to get dingy and dirty with all that coal dust on their white clothing. Makes sense to me!

And if you want to celebrate Labor Day (it honors the labor movement and the contributions workers have made to the country) for other reasons, it’s also Be Late for Something Day and Cheese Pizza Day, two things I can easily get behind!

As usual, there’s some weird special days in September, but I guess that’s like other months. Like, there’s Emma M. Nutt Day, which honors the first woman telephone operator (Sept. 1); Lazy Mom’s Day (Sept. 2); No News is Good News Day (Sept.11); Collect Rocks Day (Sept. 16); International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept. 19); Elephant Appreciation Day and Hobbit Day, Sept. 22, which is also the autumn equinox; Dog in Politics Day (Sept. 23); Crush a Can Day (Sept. 27); Ask a Stupid Question Day (Sept. 28); and National Mud Pack Day (Sept. 30). Wow, I guess September has more than its share of weird days!

The one that gave me a chuckle, though, was Sept. 15, which is Make a Hat Day, but also Felt Hat Day, in which men traditionally put away their felt hats. So if you make a hat that day, you have to put it away? Haha!

There’s some important ones too, Read a Book Day on the 6th; International Literacy Day on the 8th; 9-11 Remembrance Day and Grandparent’s Day on the 11th; Mexican Independence Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day and Working Parents Day (yay Mom and Dad!) on the 16th; Coastal Cleanup Day, Citizenship Day and Constitution Day, all on the 17th; and International Peace Day on the 21st.

And don’t forget, September is also the month for the Monterey Jazz Festival, Sept. 16-18, celebrating its 59th year at the fairgrounds. But they don’t allow dogs on the fairgrounds, so I’ve never been. I’ve heard it’s great though. Must be if they’ve been doing it for 59 years. That’s 8 and a half in dog years!

So, whatever you do, have a great September, and don’t forget to help out your neighbors. After all, the 28th is National Good Neighbor Day!

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