September News from Rockin’ Rooney

Happy Labor Day! The first Monday of September, this year it’s the 3rd, has been designated as Labor Day. But if it’s Labor Day, why do so many people have to work while others celebrate with backyard barbecues, beach parties and other celebrations?

Well, what I’ve been told by reliable sources is that the day doesn’t mean it’s a working day, but a day that pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. So while some of us get to celebrate, others have to work, you  know, important jobs like firefighters, police and nurses, as well as restaurant workers, transportation workers, and utility workers. Maybe they need a holiday of their own, People Who Worked on Labor Day Labor Day?

The thing that surprised me was that Labor Day was created in the late-1800s, back when folks worked 12-hour days, seven days a week and children as young as 5 or 6 worked in mills and factories. Heck, they probably made dogs work back in those days too!

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, after the idea of a “workingmen’s holiday,” spread across the country and states started passing laws to honor workers.

The other odd thing about Labor Day is that it’s usually regarded as the last day of summer, when kids go back to school and folks pack away the bathing suits and beach towels and camping gear. But summer doesn’t end and fall doesn’t officially start until the autumn equinox, which this year is Sept. 22.

So if summer ends Sept. 3, but autumn doesn’t begin until Sept. 22, what do you call the days in between? Post-summer? Pre-autumn? In-between days? I’d like to see summer go on a few more weeks, wouldn’t you?

I guess I could have asked all these questions on Sept. 28, which just happens to be Ask a Stupid Question Day, which, in my case would be Ask Many Stupid Questions Day! And it’s also Drink Beer Day. Just a coincidence?

September is also a pretty good month for food, not just unusual food, like Welsh Rarebit Day on the 3rd (which is basically cheese on toast) and World Samosa Day (a fried dough dish filled with onions, peas, potatoes, cheese, and beef), but good stuff like Bacon (2nd), Cheese Pizza (5th), Salami (7th), Date Nut Bread (8th), Chocolate Milkshake (12th), Cream-Filled Donut (14th), Hoagie (14th), Apple (15th), Guacamole (16th), Apple Dumpling (17th), Monte Cristo Sandwich (17th), Cheeseburger (18th), Butterscotch Pudding (19th), Pepperoni Pizza (20th), Pecan Cookie (21st), Ice Cream Cone (22nd), Cherries Jubilee (24th), Corned Beef Hash (27th), Strawberry Cream Pie (28th), and Biscotti (29th). Wow, what a feast! And maybe that can all come together on the 25th, which is not only Cooking Day, but Binge Day. It’s also Dream Day and Psychotherapy Day, so draw you own conclusions!

While Labor Day is the only official holiday of the month, there are some other important days, such as 9-11 Remembrance Day, Mexican Independence Day on the 16th, Citizenship Day and Constitution Day on the 17th, Yom Kippur on the 18th, and International Peace Day on the 21st.

But the one that made me laugh the loudest is the 23rd, Dog in Politics Day. As if dogs would be that dumb! We have better things to do!

In closing, I want to honor my amazing parents, who keep us all healthy and happy through all the ups and downs, and trials and tribulations, on the 16th, which is Working Parents Day. We should really celebrate Mom and Dad on the 7th, which is Lazy Mom’s Day and Beer Lover’s Day.

I mean, even on Mother’s Day, which is supposed to be FOR mom, but many moms cook, clean and work hard to keep things going, so moms are encouraged to relax, kick back and simply be lazy for one day. And, after all, the 7th is Superhuman Day, which is what my parents are!

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